Idea Factory: Wheatstone Audio for Television

Club Wheat: Inside The Idea Factory: Wheatstone Audio for Television

Phil Owens, Paul Picard, Brad Harrison and Dave Breithaupt talk about the evolving role of audio for television and video and how Wheatstone is addressing it

Advantages of Networked Consoles

In this video, Phil, Brad, and Paul discuss the unique advantages of networked console systems in a television environment.

Breaking Old Analog Habits

In this video, Phil, Paul, and Brad talk about the importance of breaking out of the old analog thought patterns when designing networked digital facilities.

Big Board, Little Board

Phil, Paul, and Brad talk about the common pattern of TV stations to have a large audio board as well as a smaller one installed.

Consolidation and Convergence

In this video, Phil, Paul, and Brad talk about the trend toward consolidation in TV, and about the convergence that networked environments will facilitate.

Integration with MADI

In this video, Brad, Phil, and Paul talk about integrating IP and TDM networks, as well as intercom systems, using the Multichannel Audio Digital Interface standard (AES 10).

MADI and the Broadcast Industry

Wheatstone's TV Audio Gurus talk about the importance of the MADI interface in the TV broadcast industry.

Dimension Three and IP Networking for TV

Wheatstone's TV folks talk about the emergence of Audio over IP in the television industry, thanks to our Dimension Two console system.

Virtual Mixers and Automation

Brad, Paul, and Phil discuss the role of virtual mixers in TV audio, and also talk about how automation and the audio control surface are often now interfaced to each other.

Longevity of TV Audio Consoles

Our TV guys, Phil, Brad, and Paul, discuss the changing meaning of life and longevity for TV audio consoles.

Longevity with Digital TV Audio Consoles

In another segment, the panel talked about what longevity means with TV audio consoles. In this segment, they discuss how that has changed with the advent of digital control surfaces and networked digital audio.

Our Approach to Control Surface Design

In this segment you'll get a glimpse inside the thought process that goes into the design of every Wheatstone TV control surface.

Programmability and Simplicity

Phil Owens and the gang talk about Wheatstone's philosophy for providing programmability in our TV control surfaces while keeping operation simple and straightforward.

From the Truck – Road Stories

Paul, Phil, and Brad share some of their road stories, giving us some interesting insight into the world of an audio engineer in the trenches.

One Trick Pony; Longevity

Wheatstone's TV folks explore the nature of networked TV audio consoles, and what longevity means in the broadcast industry today.

Manufacturing Flexibility and Quality

Jay and Andy touch on some of the reasons we keep all of our manufacturing processes in-house: we're flexible enough to respond to availability changes, and exercise some control over our supply chain.

From Order to Console Out The Door

Our TV audio experts talk about the process of turning an order for a TV audio console into a finished console on its way out the factory doors.

Designing Redundancy Into the BRIDGE

Hardware design engineer Dave Breithaupt talks about the technology, thought process, and engineering that went into the design of the Wheatstone BRIDGE, the TDM routing system upon which Wheatstone's TV product line was born.

Development of the D-9

Our experts talk about the development of the D-9 Television Audio Console.

TDM's contribution to IP Technology

How much of our TDM networking technology could be carried over into IP networking technology? Wheatstone's TV audio experts explain that the two are not as different as you might think.

Rapid Development

The TV fellows talk about the development of our audio console for 2014, the Dimension Two, and about Wheatstone's ability (unique in the industry) to rapidly develop products and bring them to the market quickly.

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