Ten bands mean a lot of band splitting! Doesn't that cause a lot of really strange swishing artifacts?

Actually, no. Maybe back in 1975 it would (and it did!), but not now - not with our exclusive band splitting technology.

We've invented a new method to parse and recombine the audio spectrum that doesn't create the recombination artifacts that have plagued traditional band splitting methods. Our frequency bands are loosely based on the Bark frequency scale (also known as the Critical Band Rate) and our parsing method is a highly refined technique perfectly suited to a very high-resolution audio processing application.

This technique is so revolutionary that we've written an application note about it, and you can find it on the Vorsis website. Look for application note AN2008-05, “The Magic Behind the Vorsis 31 Band Limiter”. This document, while specific to the 31 band algorithm first used in the AP2000 and FM2000 processors, explains why we do high band count processing and what the benefits are when it's done correctly.

NOTE: The document referenced above has been unpublished while it's being rewritten. It will reappear shortly.

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